3. Swedark Air Floor

Ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems offered on the market are relatively complex. Ventilation energy can be reduced by half compared to the air supply from above.
Mixing ventilation requires as much energy input to supply air from below. (Professor Moshfegh, Energy, Management and Engineering)
Linköping University, Energy, Construction, Energy and Environmental Engineering, University of Gävle, president of the World Renewable Energy Congress 2011
PCM – materials with temperature, such as in the region of phase transition 19 to 23 C, which is 1 cm thick and stores the night air with the temperature 16 degrees can reduce the temperature in the room by 3-4 degrees.
Historically, houses built around the fireplace released heating into the foundation and prevented moisture. Today, the moisture in the ground has become a very big problem, therefore a PCM salt tray mounted under the floor joists is a cost effective solution.



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