Our story


With the support of Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth’s program ‘Environment Driven Market, Green Home Partnership’,Swedark Green Home AB was established on September 14, 2011.

Swedark’s first project was to create a modular urban village for young people, not unlike IKEA furniture, that could be fabricated and assembled en masse to provide comfortable accomodations at best price to as many as possible. The premier site of the Swedark urban village is a student residence in Stockholm, Sweden where the 15-square meter units adjacent to underground tracks have apple trees just around the corner as well as being surrounded by am EU project in fertile urban farming.

Cold from the night air and heat from the sun is stored properly isolated in salt for cooling and heating the air, water and even food. This innovation is a huge stride towards becoming climate positive as 40% of the world’s energy and 50% of global fossil fuel emissions goes to heating and cooling buildings.

The Patent and Registration Office, on behalf of the UN World Intellectual Property Organization have deemed this technology newsworthy due to its ingenuity and great industrial applicability. Swedark holds patents in both Sweden, US and China and has patents pending in Europe. Free License has been donated to the World Wildlife Fund, the UN and Swedish Environmental Research Institute with the right to issue sublicenses to sustainable builders.



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