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CN 103180532B. Patent SE-1000937-1. PCT SE.

Abstract Patent
A construction material for climate envelopes comprising of floor, walls, roof, windows and case mouldings with outer and inner layer made of concreate or wood with a surface layer with endothermic effect , insulating material with a surface layer of metal, an air gap for air circulation inside the material and out towards adjacent rooms through intake air from floor space , spaces enclosing a PCM material with a surface layer of metal to heat and cool the house, heat water, heat and refrigerate food. The climate envelope contains solar collectors when glass is substituted for the exterior layer and has the shape of a cuboid or prism for transport and storage of energy. The climate wood envelope may be produced by that people not skilled in the art assembles a construction kit having an area of 10, 15 or 25 square meters and which consitutes a home module, and wherein several modules can make up larger building.

Save time and money with prefabrication

Consider getting a finished module delivered to the job site. We manage the project, and (together with our partners) provide you with the complete “Lego” materials.

Swedark sandwich panels

Swedark elements are high quality panels with optional surface layer and core insulation. The durability depends on the interaction between the surface layers and the core, which gives a “sandwich” construction that has all the qualities required.

Numerous architectural possibilities

Swedark element models, which are available in a variety of colors, provide unlimited possibilities for architectural design facades. Their durability makes it possible to align with any additional material.

Outstanding Technical Performance

Swedark’s element structures meet today’s demanding construction standards. Non-combustibility and fire resistance of up to four hours ensures high fire safety in buildings. The strength and stiffness involve long spans and minimal deflection at the design. Last but not least, good thermal insulation without thermal bridges and reliable density, with high energy efficiency.


All our members use our patented materials beyond the thermal core.

Element Dimensions

Swedark’s elements are available in thickness: 80, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 240 and 300 mm. Element width is 1200 mm (wide width 1196 mm) and the maximum length is 12 m.


Technology Content applied in real-world environments
Patent Construction materials including PCM and climate envelope is one of the few developed in collaboration with Building Research, Real Estate, Technology and Environment.
R & D testing facility Nobel Road. University of Gävle.
The patent is the result of the Royal Technical Institute’s research in the front-line Phase change Construction and Building Research High Performance Insulation Leading Industry in Solar thermal and two Inventors in heating and ventilation.

8 Cutting edge customer solutions 8 Patent claim

First, Swedark Element is an environmentally friendly low-cost sandwich panel with optional material as the outer and inner layer, and a core of active optional PCM surrounded by optional insulation.

Energy efficient solutions due to rising energy prices, environmental concerns, and stricter standards require thicker insulation in the building envelope with the traditional method.
Value 0.1. A four-storey building that is 10 meters wide and 30 meters long for a total of 50 sqm of living space and a smaller decrease in revenue in the state environment at 1 500 000 (30 000 SEK / sqm). (Swedish Construction Federation, Skanska).

Condensation forms in the mineral wool when the air is humid and the temperature is low enough on either side of the insulation material. Insulation in walls over 200 mm reach higher moisture levels and at worst can be turned inside. Top layer should be thick. (Construction Engineering, KTH, IVA seminar). Direct cost prices of dampness are 5 billion per year and indirectly mold, allergies 5 billion. According to the National Board of Housing, they cost 100 billion to address today’s dampness.

Inventory and evaluation provides a clear picture that it is not only the constructive qualities with thinner walls that are positive, but also economic and minimize the risk of moisture. Traditional insulation can be combined with Vacuum Insulation Aerogels Polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation graphite foam and reflective insulation.

Vacuum Insulation with lifespan of 60 years, a very good thermal insulation capacity that is approximately 5 to 10 times higher compared to conventional mineral wool with the same thickness.
Reflective insulation from Europe’s leading provider of 29 years, a reflective insulation equivalent to 210 mm mineral wool.
Aerogel as thin and flexible laminated aerogel filter with thermal conductivity of 0.0135 W / (m K) is tested and fire-resistant and retains its properties during his lifetime, then the example does not require a vacuum. It is a hydrophobic breathable material and extremely good sound insulation as spacer material in multi-glass windows,
Insulation materials in paint containing ceramic beads in micro-size (10-120 microns) that reflects short-wavelength visible thermal radiation. The balls are hollow and vacuumed. The material is semi-permeable surface that draws out moisture when wet, (endothermic) and breathe when it is dry. The color has great energy saving effect.
The color reflects back most of this radiation into the room and largely explains why the temperature indoors for example can increase three degrees around the floor in the room.

Scientific evaluations from internationally renowned institutions such as Oakridge National Laboratory, TNO, Delzer and Torun; as well as practical assessments conducted by such of the German Professors Manfred Sohn, Peter Marx and Ångpanneföreningen in Sweden. The material (beads) was developed in the U.S. space program and was used in the heat insulating cover on the space shuttle. (Nils Svendenius Professor).



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