How do we invest?
Swedark invests in the construction of residential housing in growth areas for half the time at half the cost. Our vision as a property manager in the long term is to strive for a high level of service that creates job satisfaction, low vacancies, and thus stable ongoing rental income that is mutually beneficial to investors.

Investment Strategy
Swedark continuously seeks attractive opportunities to build properties in localities showing a wide and diversified economy with recent population increase.

Dividend goal
The current yield consists of rental income minus the operations and maintenance costs. This means that as long as our apartments are leased, we get a surplus that can be used for annual dividends. With a shortage of housing in over 40% of the municipalities, the future forecast in Sweden is indeed very promising. Swedark’s objective is to distribute up to 10% dividends per year after fees.

Long term capital appreciation
The value of residential real estate in good condition has historically kept pace with inflation. Above all, the Swedish rent control has maintained a stable trend over time, even in times of recession. The increase in value along with the annual dividends represents a Return on Investment of about 20% per year on average during the investment period.



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