Industrial construction

Swedark Green Home AB hereby on innovative assignments invite
to conduct feasibility study of green houses.

Rent 1,400 / sqm. Yield 20%.
After verification method, cost, climate positive construction and operational phase offered Construction companies license.
Direct investment in rental property, stable real asset, ROI of 13% per 25 years.

Overall goal is to provide sustainable and affordable housing for low production cost. Focus is good design and function at low rent. Low rents and climate positive living is our hallmark.

Net rent is 1000 SEK / sqm for first design. Then the design and storage of tons of carbon dioxide / sqm in the construction phase, and installing solar technology for the sale of electricity and the excess heat in the operational phase. The average annual rent in the inner city is 1400 / sq. m.
There is no art in producing expensive homes. Producing positive climate beautiful homes at low prices requires a different mindset. Rent 1,400 / sqm. Yield 20%.

Swedark has patents on materials and subcontractors method funded by KTH Innovation. It started with Swedark working with the municipality and the developer to find clever ways of producing housing from a single Lego piece, room module, based on current zoning and production routines. Good design is the right combination of form, function, quality, durability and low price. Then carefully selected small-and large-scale suppliers and contractors.

Case study:
Viewing Apartments 1, 2, or 3 rooms in two planes, in the University of Gävle. Then the production of 120 apartments, 40 pieces of each of 2-8 storey buildings. Construction materials and flooring installed in the factory to the volume element, legobit with high performance insulation. Housing modules are assembled with Room ventilator and air heat exchanger, Solar panel and solar cells. Thermal storage of heat from the sun and cold from the night air. Electrical, plumbing, bathroom and kitchen installed. About 30 % of the world’s fossil energy goes into buildings. Calculation is based on the Board’s construction cost forum report and quotes, requests and conduct house of 252 sqm and room module.

The construction industry is decades behind the manufacturing industry in efficiency. The cost of building homes has increased by a fifth in five years in Sweden, almost twice as much as the average increase in Europe. The building industry has low productivity – if any. One reason for this is lack of competition, a fragmented building process and short term project focus.

Industrial construction will lower costs


Bild. Industriellt bostadsbyggande – Koncept och processer Boverket

* Industrial building is distinguished by eight sub-areas: planning and control of the process, systematic measurement and feedback, customer and market focus, long-term relationships between actors, logistics integrated into the build process, advanced building systems, prefabrication and the use of information, and communication technologies.
* The purpose of the industrial building is to lower costs, increase efficiency and enhance the quality of construction.
* Previously, industrial construction had a strong focus on prefabrication of building components. Today is also a focus on the interaction between actors in the value chain

Globally, construction and property sector for more than a third of the world’s carbon emissions is the building of between 60 and 70 percent of the construction and property sector emissions of carbon dioxide. The National Housing Board believes that we must now focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the production of building materials and transportation.

By targeting the entire interest to the heating phase, mainly in the form of green energy, passive houses and energy recovery underestimates the sector’s carbon footprint. Certification covers basically the finished houses and not at all the actual construction.
A new trend is to build industrial with modules made of wood in the factory, compared to building in concrete is the climatic benefit large. Cement production account for approximately 5 percent of the entire carbon footprint in the world today.



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