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Hanging Gardens North by Swedark – Concept – Clinton Initiative Stockholm

With respect for Stockholm and the Clinton Climate Initiative’s aim May 22, 2009 to the Stockholm Royal Seaport will be an eco neighborhood in class creates a new plus-energy house a groundbreaking green
horizon. The objects blends. Implementing latest inventions and technologies that reduce emissions and contributing positively to the climate. This visual gaze trying to modify aspects of green architecture into a contemporary global challenges.

In tune with the Royal National City Park, interlaced with parks, beautiful buildings, forests, open fields, beaches and Norra Djurgården’s cultural landscape creates Hanging Gardens North intimate urban farming rooms in nature close to the narrow beach park and Husarvikens narrow stretches of water. This visual gaze surrounded by oak trees and meadows, ponds and developing pioneering aspects of urban development in a contemporary language in an environment of historic industrial, natural and Northern Royal Seaport living qualities and leading environmental profile. Conformation south, east and west is characterized by walls and roofs in optical dull green glass shade producing energy from the sun and standing future-oriented in tune with gasworks valuablehistoric industrial buildings.

Excess energy of sun conditions promotes urban farming and future charging stations for electric cars and electric car pool in the nearby garage. To the north stands solid wood and vertical urban farming and become a gateway to National City Park.

Thin high-performance insulation make this building energy efficient passive. Heat losses are minimized without spatial quality limited in the form of thick walls, deep window niches and less space for rent and for urban farming.

Shape Language is developing outstanding Heritage listed building tradition that is unprecedented in Northern Europe. Simple cottage controlled by the timber length united to double two-room cottage in multiple planes. The form found in older Greek temple where the idol was wood architecture. Building tradition is based entirely on wood with features that build large and the inner peasant.

This visual gaze trying to modify aspects of green architecture In a contemporary global challenges. Merpart of earth population of a few percent of Earth’s surface. Big cities are the increasing share of fossil fuel emissions. Intermittent financial crises related to the pricing of real estate. One solution is to build green rental housing for the large plurality. The choice of idiom becomes absolutely critical. Global word
emerges. Budget Design and Compact Living, and Go Green and Go Rental.

Produce positive climate beautiful homes for low prices require a new thinking in harmony with nature. Focus is good design and function at low rent. Low rents and climate positive living is hallmark. Net rent is designed first. Next, the design of energy efficient building for storage of carbon in the construction phase. Wood has a positive impact on the climate 900 kg carbon per cubic meter of concrete and negative 1100 kg. Basement scored in the high-performance outer shell of concrete with internal casing of solid
glulam climate positive. Thermal storage of the sun occurs in cellar-like ancient rocks from the stove that reduces the risk of moisture.

The entire 59 apartments will be built. 43 pcs with three rooms and 16 pcs with two rooms total, including 102 student rooms and 590 apartment weeks per year for tourists during holidays. Sustainable
state-of-the-art for timeshare rental accommodation category students and tourists. Flexible solution. Small apartments can be greater. Ceiling height 2600 mm make that room may become public.

Hanging Gardens Nort village Swedark is innovative cutting-edge built
the Swedish patent.


Vertical urban farming
City culture with good soil from cellar to attic the latest achievements to bring daylight and produce light for growing. Revolving shutters north is also solar panel. Urban agriculture is character creation and exposing.


Compact living
Compact living creates valuable square meters. The apartments have a ceiling height of 2600 mm, which means that the perceived significantly larger. The floor plan is open and on a small area we have many different functions. By folding beds with desk and whiteboard at the bottom of the student gets a
workplace in the same room without the apartment feels cramped. Kitchen cabinets have the design
country cupboard with kitchen cabinets with spegelinfattning for brighter space and under counter create availability access.

Our location

Swedark Green Home AB focuses on growth areas and works from the motto of building and owning attractive properties that are nice to live in.

We have divided our property portfolio in the three regions.
North Region consists of the current situation of our building permit at the University of Gävle, but with an expanding industry, and the Technical University which further adds to the city’s development. Stockholm Region.

Please read more about each city and on the properties, and look for available apartments by clicking on the respective region in the left menu. Moreover, it can pay off to come back to this page every now and then because we regularly get new apartments and also establishing ourselves in new places.



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