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Ljusbo Green Home AB

Ljusbo houses – sustainable and affordable housing

Ljusbo Green Home AB produces modular houses for urban young people and other groups in need of sustainable and affordable housing. We provide energy efficient housing at one of the lowest production costs in the Nordic markets. Our hallmark is climate positive design and function, available at low rent.

Ready to be assembled, the houses are delivered in flat packages. The environmentally friendly technology and the production facilities enable the best price on the market for comfortable, esthetically appealing houses with low heating costs to a large number of people. Based on a series of standard LEGO-type blocks, we can offer flexible design and good quality. All houses have high standard, wooden interiors and generous natural light through windows.


Martinson is one of the largest family-owned wood processing industries with strong roots in northern and headquartered in Bygdsiljum. The Group consists of a number of separate companies, each specializing in its field. You’ll find everything from the most modern sawmill and the largest glulam producer, to the Nordic leader in timber bridges and building systems with massive wooden frames. The Group currently has approximately 400 employees and a turnover of over one billion. The company processes the northern woods to the high-quality wood products, modern laminated wood products and finished functional solutions that form the basis for a modern building that takes responsibility for our common habitat. The company is located has long been in the forefront in the development of the new generation of industrial construction. A work that plays an important role in the construction of future sustainable society and will Martinson’s a natural part of the future.

Leading in glulam timber bridges Business hedges the value of forests through a long term responsible forest management and efficient processing of own sawmills in Bygdsiljum, Kroksjön and Hällnäs. Along with the widespread production of sawnwood, Martin is Sweden’s largest producer of glulam and KL-wood, and the Nordic leader in timber bridges and wooden frame systems.

Successful export work Martinson is currently one of the industry’s leading representatives, both in Sweden and as ambassadors for wood construction abroad. Through successful export work, both in Europe and in Asia have Martinson helped to strengthen the Swedish position on the international market. It has also given Martinson’s a natural role as a competent partner for researchers and academics working on development in timber construction in Sweden.

Added value in several steps the company has strong roots in northern and successes have generated in a number of added value for the people of the region. As the company has grown, many new jobs have been created and it has implemented aggressive efforts locally in the form of large future investments. By making the wood into an attractive building material contributes also to secure the value of the forest for future generations.

Bergvik Flooring

At our modern 65,000 sq. ft. factory in Bergvik, Sweden, the company employs about thirty people developing, manufacturing and selling technical floors and seismic bracing frames. Our engineering department supplies custom CAD drawings suited to each customer’s needs.

Bergvik is committed to future product development. We test our products to ensure full compliance with standards, such as the new European floor system standard – just one example of how we are working today to meet tomorrow’s demands. Our customers span from global companies such as Ericsson, Skanska, Volvo, ABB, Stora Enso, Pharmacia Upjohn, a subsidiary of Pfizer, to local Scandinavian power utilities and building companies.

Bergvik North America, Inc., our U.S. subsidiary, is focusing on California and other seismically active regions. Cingular Wireless, a major mobile network operator, has used our Iso Floor® system with integrated seismic bracing frames for telecom equipment extensively on the west coast. Bergvik has successfully carried out dynamic full-scale tests according to both the American (ANSI) and European (EIC) standards in cooperation with Ericsson, Emerson Energy Systems, Hendry Telecom Products, etc.


AB Hälsingestugor has since 1964 found in the Swedish vacation home market. Hälsingestugor has delivered thousands of houses, primarily in Sweden but also has customers in our neighboring countries. Based on our new concept, we will also in future be on the vacation home market!
Hälsingestugor part of a group with AB Ewald Larsson Eftr as the parent company. The Group has forests, sawmills and manufacturing houses that work. The company is over 100 years old. Ewald Larsson began in 1909 buying forests in Hälsingland. The Group’s financial position is very strong

Ljusne Hus History

The first and biggest house manufacturer of prefabricated houses

The company Ljusne Woxna AB, who belonged to the same group, started manufacturing Ljusne wooden house which later changed its name to Ljusnevägen house. 1943 began construction of a factory for prefabricated wooden buildings, production started in 1944. This was a natural development, the forest gave raw material, their own industries in Ljusnevägen provided sawn timber, plywood and board. A processing chain that many people today dream of getting to have. Another contributing factor was also a very intelligent company management foresaw a great future demand for residential and custom home both inside and outside the country, after the coming end of the war, which at that time could be discerned.

Production was at its inception about 100 houses a year but was increased after remedial rationalization and expansion to about 500 houses per year. It was now Sweden’s largest house of newly built houses were prefabricated indoors in a factory.

The manufacture of housings outer and inner wall blocks and hatches took place in the great hall of the nail specially designed nail benches. In a special section manufactured trusses and truss machine with great precision in a takstolspress, (hydro line). Ljusnehus wooden products have a solid reputation for its high quality, flexibility and delivery reliability. 1971 new owners took a decision to discontinue production.

44 years after the  decision to close the plant, Gösta Sundberg made the decision to take up the thread and bring the house tradition together with local partners.

The houses will now be built in volumes indoors at Ljusbo Green Home factory, then transported to the building site for assembly, thus increasing the value added in the factory and more jobs added in Ljusne.



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