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Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia

Presentation of an investment in Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia. Environmentally friendly leisure homes in one of the world’s most fascinating landscapes.


Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia

Short presentation of the property

Let us present this beautiful area in Scandinavia, and its attractive opportunity for you to invest in. The area for investment is called “Northern Light Resort”, located in Norrland of Scandinavia.

There is a planning of 3 200 000 Sqm land. This is the objective for the investor who wishes to acquire 100 ha of attractive land at a lower-than-market price and explore the opportunity without delay.


Short facts

Price: 50 000 000 Euro excl. VAT.
Address: Norrland of Scandinavia
Property: Land 10 000 000 sq. meters = 1000 ha
Type of project: Leisure housing, hotel, conference, sports, hiking
Planning permission: 3 200 000 sqm living space
20 000 apartments
1 million timeshare weeks
Terms of payment: Full payment upon contract

Land and building possibilities

The 1000 hectors are located in Norrland of Scandinavia, surrounded by mountains, crystal clear water, and a dramatic nature. Thanks to our investors, the project can be extended to include as many as 5000 houses/apartments or hotels if preferred. Fresh water, sewage, green electricity and roads lay out to the property boarder.


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Nature, surroundings and accessibility

Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia – Time together
The Norrland of Scandinavia is wild, beautiful and mythical, with small-scale, cozy and lovely experiences. In our magical nature, with everything from bluish mountains, and ancient wilderness to fishing villages and seaside, you will find many gems. We are proud of what we have and would like to share it with you.

You will find lovely trips to Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia during winter, spring, summer and autumn.

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The area offers a rich variety of activities for visitors, including fishing, which is both possible and popular all year round. Hiking, camping, climbing and hunting are other activities that attract potential customers to the Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia leisure village.

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Excellent communications to a fantastic place, combined with a low cost for the land makes Northern Light Resort of Scandinavia an attractive investment.

This is the largest project for exploitation in the Norrland area. Other minor projects in the area have shown good profitability. A few suggested business models for the building permit are short-term leases, time share homes, fully owned cabins, conference centers and hotels.
If need be, there is a construction company ready to start the project. The same company has been involved in the planning of the property and is familiar with the grounds.

The tourism industry in Scandinavia is facing a growth potential of 200 BSEK before the year 2020.

Wellness Trosa_23 P1030144

Northern Light Resort – The project

The project is based on offering sustainable leisure homes in one of the most fascinating places on the planet. In combination with health oriented services and lectures, it will be a recipe for success, in a time where health and environmental sustainability topics are more important than ever.

Our concept is to build up to 100 sustainable leisure homes. These will be rental houses, with time shares sold through a groundbreaking rental service model. “Northern Light Resort´s business idea is to offer time shares in climate positive wooden houses, the concept of a health school, combined with vacations in a unique environment.”

The project also consists of a proven health concept with scientific studies showing a rejuvenating effect. The watchword for the health project is “Fountain and Youth”, quite fitting in such an environment.

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Climate Positive Houses – Swedark

Swedark Green Home AB has developed a climate positive housing concept, whose design and construction actually absorbs a ton of carbon oxide / sq. meter.

The house construction is patented with production in separate blocks of 25 Sqm per unit. This facilitates shipping and on-site-assembly and can be fitted together to create several combinations of building types.

Our mission and vision is to build 5000 houses of 200 Sqm each, per two floors and four apartments. The houses are painted with dark red, ceramic tone on the outside and pleasant white color on the inside. These have extraordinary isolating features with massive wooden walls, including a material that preserves heat in the winter and cool in the summer. The roof and window panels are equipped with solar panels to maximize the climate positive approach our houses have. Each house is also filled with clever compact living solutions.


Ownership Vacation

Vacation Ownership is a business model where the customer gains access to a flexible method of enjoying a vacation on various places in the world through a club membership. There are currently 5 million members connected to this club.

The members pay a one-time rental fee up front of 10.000 Euro to access the time share apartment, plus a fee of 400 Euro per week of actual use. This ensures good economic security initially, and maximum profitability per house.

Northern Light Resort is the owner of the houses but will lease out time shares of the apartments, thus eliminating the known problems of ordinary time share ownership in a housing cooperative.


Sales channel

We have established contact with an experienced sales organization specialized in selling time shares. During a couple of years before the crisis in 2008 the company had sold for roughly 50.000.000 Euro

An important aspect is that no house (except for the demo) will be built before the sales team has generated a certain level of occupancy. This will ensure a high level of security for the investor.


The process
Phase 1 Together with our investor we will purchase the land, start planning the building phase, and set up a model house; then begin timeshare sales
Phase 2 Sales continues and houses are set up.
Phase 3 Completion of project within a five-year time frame.
Northern Light of Scandinavia AB

This is the proposed business model and form of co-operation.

sängskåp whiteboard garderonpc spis2 Kököppet  Trähörn P1050390 runtfönsterstol 01    bilder 029  InvigningBildKök InvigningBildBadrum-2 Wellness Trosa_23 P1030143


Financing will be done through subscription for new shares of 10M Euro. 9M Euro is allocated to buying and preparing the land and the first model house. The operating costs are financed by the sales of time shares.

The company Northern Light of Scandinavia AB will contain 80 000 shares, (80% of the total number of shares). Swedark Green Home AB owns the remaining 20% and receives one million Euro for development.

The loan free equity has free right of use of the patent regarding building material, containing PCM and “climate shells”. Patent no. SE-1000937-1.

Short facts

– The investment is secure in the land ownership.
– Proposed exit after five years.
– A chairman is proposed collectively. 3/5 board member majority needed fordecisions regarding profit dividends.

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