Swedark Campus Nobel Road University of Gävle


Swedark Green Home proposes to create   – an integrated unified and energy positive 21st Century eco building surrounded by urban agriculture in each floor. This new development will provide a serene environment reflecting Swedarks’s brand values of innovation, budget eco design and compact beauty living.

The entire site will be sustainable, state-of-the-art living, time share -student & tourism and wellness.

The buildings are located in a unified and green landscape, which extends and connects the interior livingplaces to outdoor facilities for relaxation, recreation and reflection. The entire Green Home, indoors and out, is intended to promote shared creativity and collaboration, and spur invention of the next several generations of peoople home.

Selected internationally renowned researchers, engineers, architects and environmental experts are working together for global leadership in sustainability and design to help achieve Swedark Green Homes goals and to develop total solutions that contribute to the creation of a sustainable peoplés home.

Swedark Green Home Partnership:

–       The Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning,

–       Sweden’s Innovation Agency,

–       The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth,

–       Bussiness Sweden,

–       Technical Research Institute of Sweden,

–       Swedish Environmental Research Institute and

–       University of Gävle

–       Royal Institute of Technology






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